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March 2017 Arrivals

Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Volume 6, May 1997-Feb 1998. Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. (1997), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 276 pp 9781585496662 101-D0666 - $26.50





February 2017 Arrivals


Barber/Barbour Genealogy: Thomas Barber, The Immigrant 1614-1662. Betty Jewell Durbin Carson . While there has not been any definite proof that Thomas Barber and Samuel Barber are related, available records would indicate a close connection. This connection is supported by DNA evidence. 2016, 8x11, paper, index, 250 pp 9780788457227 101-C5722 - $31.00


Pasquotank County, North Carolina Record of Deed, 1700-1751. Gwen Boyer Bjorkman. This useful volume contains detailed abstracts of all the deeds recorded in Pasquotank County between 1700 and 1751. It includes all the material from Books A and B, and that part of Book C which pertains to this time period. There is a complete index to all the names of people and places, as well as some topical headings. (1990), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 502 pp 9781556133084 101-B0308 - $39.50


A Genealogical Record of the Descendants in the Male Line of Thomas Gawthrop- An Early Traveling Friend (Quaker), Volume 1 (through the 8th Generation). Philip Evan Gawthrop. Thomas Gawthrop (17091780) of Gatebeck, England and three generations of descendants. (1995), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 252 pp 9780788403996 101-G0399 - $25.50



January 2017 Arrivals


Ohio Valley German Biographical Index: A Supplement. Don H. Tolzmann. This volume provides additional coverage of German-American sources in the Ohio Valley. This index lists, alphabetically, the names of German Americans found in a total of eleven sources ranging from extensive biographical articles, biographical notices, obituaries, and brief references. (1993), 2016, 8x11, paper, alphabetical, 100 pp 9781556138300 101-T3830 - $21.00


Seventy-Five Years of German Immigration to Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri: 1800-1875, Volume 1, A-E. Barbara A. McClurkin. This series focuses on the immigration of Germanic people into Ste. Genevieve County between 1800 and 1875, and examines their European origins, what routes they followed to get to Ste. Genevieve County, and identifies the family members who came with them. 2016, 8x11, paper, index, 368 pp 9780788457494 101-M5749 - $40.00


David Lewis (1750-1798) and Joannah Trundle (1754-1810) from Frederick County, Maryland to Harrison County, (West) Virginia: Some Ancestors and Descendants. Doris Jean Post Poinsett. Two early settlers living in the Province of Maryland around 1700 were Jonathan Lewis and John Trundle I. Provides information about some of their descendants, a full-name index, early maps, facsimiles of some wills, and numerous transcriptions of wills, deeds, and other court documents. (2002), 2016, 8x11, cloth, index, 166 pp 9780788422140 101-P2214 - $47.00


Connecticut in Transition, 1775-1818. Richard J. Purcell, Ph.D. Sparked by the social upheaval of the American Revolution, the period from 1775 to 1818 saw great changes taking place with regard to religious tolerance and political thinking in traditionally Puritan Connecticut. This history was originally compiled as a doctoral dissertation submitted to the Graduate School of Yale University, and was first published in a revised and abridged edition in 1918. (1918, ?), 2016, 5x/, paper, index, 482 pp 9780788417443 (1918, ?), 2016, 5x/, paper, index, 482 pp 9780788417443 101-P1744 - 38.00


Early New England People Some Account of the Ellis, Pemberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall, and Longfellow, and Allied Families. Sara E. Titcomb. Chapters include: Ayer, Bartlett, Bradley, Chase, Dean, Dow, Dunster, Ellis, Fuller, Hope, Kilby, Martine and de Les Dernier, Maverick, Mills, Montague, Pemberton, Pepperrell, Poore, Prescott, Sewall and Longfellow, Spofford, Titcomb, Watmough, and Willard. (1882, 1986). 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 312 pp 9781556130243 101-T3024 - $29.00


The History of Bethel, Maine. Nathaniel T. True. Trues The History of Bethel, Maine originally appeared in the pages of the towns first newspaper, The Bethel Courier, between 1859 and 1861. Now presented with editorial revisions and corrections by Randall H. Bennett, Curator of Collections at the Bethel Historical Society, Inc. (1994), 2016 5x8, paper, index, 256 pp 9781556139321 101-T3932 - $25.50


A Boggs/Garringer Family History. David Vern Addington. Covers the family and ancestors of Samuel Plummer Boggs (18931965) and his wife Hilda Irene Garringer (18981983), residents of Randolph County, Indiana. The Boggs family is of Scotch-Irish ancestry and arrived in America in 1724. The Garringer family has been traced back to Germany, and migrated to America before 1770. (2001), 2016, paper, 5x8, index, 310 pp 9780788417252 101-A1725 - $29.00


Memorial of John Slafter, with a Genealogical Account of His Descendants Including Eight Generations. Rev. Edmund F. Slafter. . John Slafter emigrated from Wales around 1680, settled in Lynn, Mass., then Conn. in 1716. This genealogy follows his male line of descent through eight generations, comprising some 4,597 names. (1869, 2000), 2016, 5x8, paper, indices, 174 pp 9780788415708 101-S1570 - $21.00


Poquoson Families, Volume IV: The Amory, Insley, Firman, and Firth Families. Albert James Willett, Jr.. This volume is a surname study of the Amory, Insley, Firman and Firth families of Messick, Poquoson, York County, Virginia. Many female lines have been followed for one or more generations. The text is well illustrated with early photographs and includes a bibliography and an index of every individual known to be related by birth or marriage to the families studied in this volume. (2003), 2009, 5x8, paper, index, 392 pp 9780788450389 101-W5038 - $33.00


Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy, Volume 2, May 1993Feb 1994. Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. (1997), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 262 pp 9781585496624 101-D0662 - $26.00