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March 2015 Arrivals

Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1806-1817 and 1817-1822. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the second volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 356 pp 9780788456190 101-D5619 - $31.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1786-1794 and 1794-1806. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the first volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 262 pp 9780788456183 101-D5618 - $26.00


Second to No Man but the Commander in Chief, Hugh Mercer: American Patriot. Michael Cecere. Chronicles Hugh Mercers life (17261777), his twenty-year relationship with George Washington, and his distinguished military service during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Mercer was one of Washingtons best generals and played a critical role in the battles of Trenton and Princeton. 2015. 5x8, paper, index, 200 pp 9780788456220 101-C5622 - $20.00


The Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Hackensack, Dutchess County, New York. Maria Bockee Carpenter Tower. Verbatim transcript of the register of the Reformed Church at New Hackensack, 17571906. The baptismal and marriage registers for the Reformed Dutch Church are reprinted in their entirety. (1932, 2000), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 350 pp 9780788414442 101-T1444 - $31.00


Caroline County, Maryland, Marriages, Births and Deaths, 1850-1880. F. Edward Wright. The information preserved in this volume was gleaned from public records and newspapers. A full-name index adds to the value of this work. (1981, 2002), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 114 pp 9781585497737 101-W0773 - $18.00


A Reversal of Fortune: Germantown, Tennessee, during the Civil War Era. George C. Browder. This is the story of Germantown, Tennessee, of the communitys people and their perseverance. It paints a picture of the town that was mostly lost and the life of its citizens before, during and after the Civil War. Includes illustrations, maps and photos. 2014, 5x8, paper, index, 512 pp 9780788455975 101-B5597 - $39.50


Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown, Mass., 1607-1909. John Barber White. Primarily a male-line genealogy covering ten generations. Descendants lived throughout the Northeast and Midwest. (1909, 1992), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 672 pp 9781556136702 101-B0670 - $53.00


Patterson Family History. Betty J. Carson. This book provides a wealth of genealogical data gleaned from census records, birth records, cemetery records, death records and other original documents; along with local histories and a discussion of slavery. Photos and facsimile reprints augment the text. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 162 pp 9780788456008 101-C5600 - $25.00


Patrick County, Virginia Birth Records, 1853-1869, Volume I. Barbara C. Baughan and Betty A. Pilson . Listings from Patrick County, which provide name, date of birth, race, sex, and parents names. 1999, 5x8, paper, alphabetical, 276 pp 9781888265682 101-B0680 - $23.00


Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond, Vol. 8. Sherida Eddlemon. The following counties are covered: Andrew, Boone, Caldwell, Callaway, Carroll, Cass, Chariton, Christian, Cole, Daviess, Greene, Hickory, Iron, Montgomery, Newton, Nodaway, Ozark, Perry, Pettis, Platte, Putnam, Francois, Stone and Taney. 2003, 5x8, paper, index, 242 pp 9780788424595 101-E2459 - $22.50


Shenandoah County, Virginia, Deed Book Series, Volume 1, Deed Books A, B, C, D 1772-1784. Amelia C. Gilreath. Minute book abstracts contain happenings in the court for time period given. Abstracts from the deed books, containing deeds, leases, releases, mortgages, sale of other property, and other agreements. Sometimes giving family relationships. (1987, 2002), 2014, 8x11, paper, index, 214 pp 9781585497553 101-G0755 - $32.00


Wright Family Deed, Land Tax, Death and Probate Records, Cumberland County, Virginia. Robert N. Grant. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record: Deed Records, 1748 to 1900; Land Tax Lists, 1782 to 1850; Death Records, 1853 to 1896; and, Probate Records, 1748 to 1900. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 314 pp 9780788456039 101-G5603 - $35.50


Early Marriages in Bath County, Kentucky: Bonds 1811-1850 and Returns 1811-1852. Paul McClure. This volume brings together, for the first time, the two types of records which exist for early marriages in Bath County, Kentucky: marriage bonds from 1811 to 1850, and marriage returns from 1811 to 1852. The material in this new work is alphabetically arranged; an index to buried names and an appendix of Bath County marriages performed by Rev. J. P. Howe from 1795 to 1826, will help readers in their research. 1994, 8x11, paper, index, 210 pp 9781556139529 101-M0952 - $31.00


1890 Special Census of the Civil War Veterans of the State of Maryland: Volume IV, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Annes, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester. L. Tilden Moore. (2002), 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 190 pp 9781585497942 101-M0794 - $28.00


Quakers and Puritans: The Shoemaker, Warren and Allied Families. Ancestors and Descendants of William Toy Shoemaker and Mabel Warren, Who Where Married in Philadelphia in 1895. George J. Hill, M.D., M.A., D. Litt.. This story of an American family, from its origins in Europe to the present time, also tells of eighty allied families. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 2 vol. set, 646 pp 9780788456114 101-H5611 - $62.00


Black Regulars in the War of 1812. Eric Eugene Johnson. The Black American soldier was a rarity between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. This work identifies 396 Black men who did enlist in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812 and another fifty-two men who may have been Black (based on the physical descriptions in their enlistment papers). 2015, 8x11, paper, alphabetical, 74 pp 9780788456107 101-J5610 - $18.00


Extracts from the Bedford Gazette, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 1832 - Sept. 1836. Caryl A. Mitchell. Data taken from the newspaper & the Pa. State Archives. (1998), 2001, 5x8, paper, index, 156 pp 9781585494743 101-M0474 - $20.00


Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Allen W. Scholl. The direct line of Crawfords as well as related families. (1993), 2012, 5x8, paper, index, 2 vols., 804 pp 9781556137952 101-S3795 - $63.00


Alton, New Hampshire, Vital Records, 1890-1997. Richard P. Roberts. Contains the usual vital records. (1999), 2014, 5x8, paper, 616 pp 9780788411458 101-R1145 - $47.50


Irish Pedigrees; or, The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation. John OHart. Volume I is comprised of the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem; together with the territories possessed by the ancient Irish families in the twelfth century; a Chapter on the 'English Invasion,' and another on the 'Cromwellian Devastation' of Ireland. Volume II is devoted to families in Ireland from the 11th to the end of the 16th century with their counties of residence; Anglo-Irish and other genealogies; and sections on the Huguenots, the Palatines, and the Ulster Plantation. (1892) reprint, 4 vols., append., original surname and subject indices, paper, 1,844 pp 9780788419539 101-O1953 - $132.00


John Vert and His Descendants from Scotland and Canada to Michigan. Celina Sweet-Vert-Salvador. Researched by Christabel Vert-Mattson, Shirly Vert-Jergler and Celina Sweet-Vert. John Vert made his ocean crossing from Scotland between 1820-1821, traveling with John and William Grieve. Records are grouped by family name, including: Campbell (3 gen.), Edmunds, Henson, Jergler, Lund (2 gen.), MacDougald (6 gen.), McCormick, McPherson (3 gen.), Moore, Stephen, Stonehouse, Sturdy (2 gen.), and Vert (8 gen.). Records provide information for both male and female descendants. 2000, 5x8, paper, index, biblio., 106 pp 9780788416866 101-S1686 - $17.00



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February 2015 Arrivals


Georgia Obituaries, 1905-1910. Jeannette Holland Austin. These obituaries were abstracted from The Atlanta Georgian and The Atlanta Constitution newspapers. Both published deaths of persons from the entire state. (199?, 200), 2015, 5x8, alphabetical, 436 pp 9781585496105 101-A0610 - $35.50


Miscellaneous Cabell County, West Virginia, Records, Order Book Overseers of the Poor 1814-1861, Fee Book 1826-1839, 1857-1859 (Rule Book), Cabell Land for Tax Purposes 1861-1865. Carrie Eldridge. This book covers most of the first fifty years of Cabell Countys existence (the period under Virginia control). (2001), 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 244 pp 9781585496587 101-E0658 - $35.00


The Bowker Family in America. Frances Sterling Drisko. Contains: births, deaths, marriages, etc., plus other data. Revolutionary War and Civil War participants are noted, as well as human interest stories. Both male and female lines are included. Approx. 25,000 individuals are named. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 512 pp 9780788456015 101-D5601 - $50.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Birth Register 1880-1896. Patricia B. Duncan. This volume continues from previous 1853-1879. Entries for free colored and white persons include name, race, sex, date and place of birth, father, father's occupation, father's residence, mother, and other. Slave entries include owner, slave, sex, slave's given name, date and place of birth, mother, and other. (1999), 2002, 8x11, paper , 184 pp 9781888265644 101-D0064 - $26.00


The Essex Genealogist, Volume 5, 1985. Essex Society of Genealogists, Inc. (1985) reprint, 8x11, new index, illus., 272 pp 9780788405082 101-E0508 - $35.00


Genealogical Abstracts from Newspapers of the German Reformed Church, 1840-1843. Barbara Manning. Fascinating details on marriages, deaths, parsons taking up new posts, appointments complete with lists of references, reports of accidents, murders, arrests, convictions, hangings, and even good news, of the founding of scholarships and acts of human kindness, rosters of people who gave to collections and who paid their subscriptions, lists of those who attended schools or were elected to sit on boards. Covers about twenty-two states, and even Europe and Asia. (1995), 2013, 5x8, paper, index, 344 pp 9780788401770 101-M0177 - $31.00


The Burke and Alvord Memorial: A Genealogical Account of the Descendants of Richard Burke of Sudbury, Massachusetts and the Descendants of Alexander Alvord of Windsor, Connecticut. John Alonzo Boutelle. William A. Burke enlisted the services of the author to compile a genealogical account of the Burke and Alvord families. The resulting volume offers a wealth of information to anyone researching either of these family lines, and the related spellings De Burghs, Bourke, Bourck, Alluard, Alluerd, Alvard, Alford, Allord, Alved, Alfort, and Allford. Burke records follow the male line; Alvord records, male and female lines. (1864, 2000), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 240 pp 9780788415579 101-B1557 - $21.00




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January 2015 Arrivals

What is Your Heritage and the State of its Preservation?: Essays on Family History Exploration from the Field. Edited By Barry L. Stiefel. Essays contributed within this volume are by Blanding Lee Clarkson, Emily Floyd, Kaitlin Glanton, Dannielle Nadine Hobbs, and Michael C. Patnaude, as well as a prototype from when the editor was a student. 2014, 5x8, paper, 244 pp 9780788455964 101-S5596 - $25.00


Records of the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York. Brookhaven. In 1885, the Town of Brookhavens town officers resolved to have the town records copied and published. These transcribed records provide a wealth of names and lists of names, which combine with the details of town business to present a portrait of the town during this period of time. In doing this work, the records have been followed in their order as they appear, and the copy has been carefully and diligently compared with the originals, exhibiting the capital letters, the spelling, the abbreviations, the punctuation and the OMISSION to punctuate, in fact omitting nothing which seemed to be an authentic part of the records. A wide variety of issues are discussed in these records: boundaries, cattle running at large, commissioners of highways, commissioners of schools, land leases, fishing, oystering, support of the poor, railways, roads, slaves, town meetings, trustees, and much more. A few notes have been introduced here and there, which might be useful for reference or explanation. (1888), 2012, 5x8, paper, 580 pp 9780788428494 101-B2849 - $43.50


A Guide to Magistrates: With Practical Forms for the Discharge of their Duties Out of Court. To Which Are Added, Precedents for the Use of Prosecutors, Sheriffs, Coroners, Constables, Escheators, Clerks, Etc. Adapted to the New Code of Virginia. Joseph Mayo. (1850), 2012, 5x8, paper, index, 702 pp 97807884513_ 101-M5137 - $50.00


Genealogical Abstracts from the South Carolina Gazette, 1732-1735. Alton T. Moran. When the South Carolina General Assembly offered a 1,000 bounty to obtain a printer in 1731, several men responded and two papers resulted-the South Carolina Gazette, printed by Thomas Whitmarsh, and the South Carolina Weekly, printed by Eleazer Phillips. (No issues of the latter survive.) Thomas Whitmarsh was an Englishman who had worked with Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. After coming to Charleston in the summer of 1731, Whitmarsh set up a shop for printing pamphlets, broadsides, legal forms, and the Gazette. He died in September of 1733 and the Gazette languished until February of 1734 when Lewis Timothee, another associate of Franklin, took it up and continued to publish it until his death in 1738. This collection of genealogical data includes all mentions of local residents beginning with the first issue of the Gazette on 8 January 1732 through 27 December 1735. The data runs the gamut from the usual marriage and death notices to all kinds of interesting tid-bits such as notices of runaway slaves, advertisements, auctions, and stolen or strayed animals, and provides an intimate view of life in South Carolina in the early 1700s. (1987), 2014, 5x8, paper, index, 9781556130700 101-M3070 - $21.00


Vital Statistics of North Hampton, New Hampshire, 1742-1942. William H. Jones. These records came primarily from old town books, church records, cemetery records, and from annual reports. (1999), 2012, 5x8, paper, alphabetical, 262 pp 9780788413957 101-J1395 - $24.50


Genealogy of the Lord Family which removed from Colchester, Connecticut to Hanover, New Hampshire and then to Norwich, Vermont. Reverend John M. Lord. Descendants of Thomas Lord up to the 1880's. (1903, 1999), 2014, 5x8, paper, index, 136 pp 9780788411861 101-L1186 - $19.00


Ties of Common Blood: A History of Maine's Northeast Boundary Dispute with Great Britain, 1783-1842. Geraldine Tidd Scott. Based on journals, documents, speeches, letter books, and collections of correspondence of participants on both sides of the controversy. (1992), 2014, 5x8, paper, index, 472 pp 9781556135415 101-S3541 - $37.00


Yesterday: The Hampton, McCracken, Longwith, Mabry, and Wells Families. Diana L. Mellen. In addition to the usual genealogical information, the families are placed in an historical context. Extensively documented. The volume is enriched with photographs, copies of letters, articles, and documents. 1991, 5x8, paper, index, 392 pp 9781556135057 101-M3505 - $33.50


The East Haven Register: in Three Parts. Stephen Dodd. "Part I, containing a history of the town of East Haven, from its first settlement in 1644, to the year 1800. Also an account of its boundaries, iron works and mills, division of lands, controversies with New Haven and Branford, town charters, ecclesiastical affairs, schools, population and taxes, losses by war, natural history and curiosities, roads and public lands. Part II, containing an account of the names, marriages, and births, of the families which first settled, or which have resided in East-Haven, from its settlement in 1644 to 1800. Part III, containing an account of the deaths in the families named in the second part, from the year 1647 to the end of the year 1823." The marriages and births section (Part II), is arranged alphabetically by family name. (1824, 1993), 2012, 5x8, paper, 222 pp 9781556138454 101-D0845 - $23.00


The Descendants of John Meridy Turner (1747-1815) of Fauquier County, Virginia. Gwen Boyer Bjorkman. Contains the seven generations of the descendants of John Meridy Turner (1747-1815); allied lines of Brown, Cooke, Crown, Martin, and Smith. 1994, 5x8, paper, index, 63 pp 9780788401459 101-B0145 - $21.00



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