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May 2015 Arrivals

The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, in the County of Middlesex, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1629-1818. Thomas Bellows Wyman. This work attempts to identify all the residents of Charlestown from its first settlement until about 1818, placing them in a genealogical context. Also provides a concise summary of real estate transactions as culled from the first 139 volumes of Middlesex deeds, Suffolk County deeds, and town records. (1879, 1991), 2011, 5x8, paper, index, 2 vols., 1192 pp 9781556133831 101-W0383 - $77.00


The Brice Family Who Settled In Fairfield County, South Carolina, About 1785 and Related Families. Betty J. Carson. Data has been gathered dating back to Robert the Bruce (12741329), King of Scotland, to make this Brice family genealogy as complete as possible. An every-name index adds to the value of this work. 2014, 8x11, paper, index, 320 pp 9780788455797 101-C5579 - $36.00


Jean (John) Gaston of France. Betty J. Carson. This book is a rich, historical compilation of the prominent Gaston family from many sources. It is a history of Jean (John) Gaston (born about 1600) and his descendants. It is also a history of many of the intermarried families who fought and died in the Revolutionary War, especially in South Carolina. 2015, 7x10, paper, index, 622 pp 9780788456251 101-C5625 - $51.00


Beyond the Blue Mountain: Mahoning Township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Carolyn Zimmerman Johns. This book is an important genealogical resource for Mahoning Township, Carbon Co., Penn. It contains detailed Federal Census Reports back to 1790 including the Mortality and Agricultural reports. Mahoning Township Cemetery listings, Civil War Soldiers, and includes tax lists for the Mahoning Township. (2001), 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 480 pp 9780788418938 101-J1893 - $52.00


Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England, Court Orders, Volume IV: 1661-1668. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff. A concise compilation of day-to-day judicial records of New Plymouth, Massachusetts. (1855, ), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 228 pp 9780788409127 101-S0912 - $24.00


Maryland in the Civil War: An Annotated Bibliography. Steven B. Rhodes. The sources collected in this work are representative of Marylands experience in the Civil War and a valuable guide for anyone interested in Marylands heritage. Maryland contributed men to both sides of the war. Listings include: Published Sources, Broadsides, and Manuscripts. 2015, 7x10, paper, index, 570 pp 9780788456237 101-R5623 - $48.50


The Blood Royal of Britain: Tudor Roll. Being a Roll of the Living Descendants of Edward IV and Henry VII, Kings of England, and James III, King of Scotland. The Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval. "The Blood Royal of Britain is the first attempt ever made to trace out all the descendants of the Sovereigns of these realms, and to show the number of descents which each descendant has; and the present volume aims at being exhaustive as regards the living descendants of Edward IV (1441-1483) and Henry VII (1455-1509), Kings of England, and James III (1451-1488) King of Scotland The work naturally divides itself into two parts, the first comprising the descendants of the Princess Margaret Tudor, Henry VIIth's elder daughter; and the second those of the Princess Mary Tudor, his younger daughter. All are descended from Henry VII and Edward IV, but only those in the first part, Nos. 1 to 19,572, are descended from James III." (1903, 2000), 2011, 5x8, paper, index, 621 pp 9780788416934 101-R1693 - $46.00


Baylor's Regiment: The Third Continental Light Dragoons. Christine L. Langner. This listing of men and accounts summarized herein, despite being incomplete due to the scarcity of documentation, gives us insight into service and hardships suffered during the Revolutionary war, battles, families, friendships, and the mens lives after the war. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 220 pp 9780788456244 101-L5624 - $23.50


The Vital Kingston, New Hampshire Early Families, Patriots, and Soldiers. Kathleen E. Hosier. Three hundred years have passed since the town of Kingston was granted a Charter in 1694. The early settlers of Kingston were made up mostly of inhabitants from Hampton, NH. Although the town had been established in 1694, it often had to be abandoned because of Indian attacks and dangerous wolves. Eventually, Kingston was resettled and the town from Amesbury, Salisbury, and Newbury, MA. As the population became larger,petitions were directed to the colonial government to incorporate new towns. After the Revolutionary War, bounty land were granted to those who had fought for independence, and the migration of Kingston families can be found from Maine to Ohio. Section 1 of the fascinating book covers the genealogies of Early Families living in Kingston including the original grantees from its founding to the period when new towns were incorporated within the original boundaries. Section 2 contains the Patriots and Soldiers of Kingston who contributed to the cause of independence in the Revolutionary War. Included are those who signed the Association Test in Kingston, as well as those who resided, enlisted, were mustered or served for the town of Kingston. Some of the men are listed as Kingston men for one enlistment, but can be found as listed for a different town in another muster roll. The families are arranged alphabetically by heads of families and include pertinent information when available on births, deaths, and marriages. Published 1993 9781556139093 101-H0909 - $38.00


Moravian Journal Relating to Central New York, 1745-1766. Edited by Rev. Wm. M. Beauchamp, S.T.D. This volume reprints a number of journals kept by Moravian missionaries describing their experiences with the Onondaga Indians and other tribes of the Five Nations inhabiting Central New York. Their journals serve as a fascinating cultural study examining tribal social structure, interaction between members of the Five Nations, and the evolution of economic and political relations with Europeans during the French and Indian War years. (1916, 1999), 2011, 5x8, paper, index, 250 pp 9780788413117 101-B1311 - $25.00


History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvaniawith Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Lewis Cass Aldrich. Following a comprehensive overview there are specific chapters on thirty individual townships, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens. (1887), 2001, paper, index, 2 vols., 786 pp 9780788419706 101-A1970 - $70.00


The Elusive Booths of Burrillville (Rhode Island): an investigation of John Wilkes Booth's alleged wife and daughter. Joyce G. Knibb and Patricia A. Mehrtens. A detailed historical and genealogical investigation into Martha Izola Mills, and her actress daughter, Ogarita, who claimed (when they appeared in Burrillville, RI in the late 1800s) to be the wife and daughter, respectively, of John Wilkes Booth, the actor-assassin. Using a combination of primary and secondary sources, including family journals, the authors seek to establish the true identity of these women. In the process they undertake a massive genealogical man-hunt into a remarkably complex and convoluted family with strong theatrical and literary connections which continue down to the present generation. 1991, 266 pp., illus., maps, charts, index, paper 9781556134791 101-K0479 - $29.00


Wright Family Birth, Marriage, and Personal Property Tax Records, Essex County, Virginia. Robert N. Grant. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record: Birth Records, 1852 to 1896; Marriage Records, 1655 to 1900; and, Personal Property Tax Lists, 1782 to 1850. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 310 pp 9780788456084 101-G5608 - $35.00


Getting to the Roots of the Family Tree: The Story of a Saxon Family. Elizabeth M. Tillman. Detailed history of the Tillman family; mostly pre-1837. 1997, 5x8, paper, index, 1179 pp 9780788406270 101-T0627 - $90.00


Early Villages of Stamford, Connecticut: The Cove and Long Ridge. Jeanne Majdalany. The history is a combination of two works which were previously published in the late 1970s. They are now being offered as a single volume, covering the time period of 1641 to 1978: nearly three and a half centuries. The books first part deals with the Cove, an area along the Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound, located mainly on the island in the cove between Stamford and Darien. The regions history goes back to 1641. The island was first used as a pound; then it became the center of a grist mill operation. By 1800 John William Holly had settled there and further developed mills producing dyes and drugs. Eventually the whole area was absorbed by the Stamford Manufacturing Company, where 500 men were employed. This section is also replete with photographs, maps and illustrations from both the 19th century and more recent times. In addition to presenting the history. It contains a full chart on the Holly family plus many references to other families in the area, which will all be extremely appreciated by researchers. The books second part, a history of Long Ridge Village, covers the years between 1700 and 1800, and gives a detailed picture of this little community located ten miles north of central Stamford. Long Ridge Village was settled in 1717 by three enterprising men from Long Island: Thomas Brush Jr., Michael Waring and John White. They were soon joined by the Ingersois, Newmans and Todds, and the community began to flourish. In addition to a rich description of life in that time, the account includes maps, charts and genealogical data. This book brings back more than three centuries of history to enlighten those who have a special relationship with Stamford by having visited or lived there. 1998 9780788408939 101-M0893 -


The Van Dyke Family: A Glimpse of the Dutch Settlement of New Jersey. Paul C. Van Dyke. Jan Van Dyck, and his family emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1652, eventually settling in New Utrecht on Long Island. 1997, 8x11, indices, append., biblio, illus., maps, 246 pp 9780788407000 101-V0700 - $32.50


The African American Collection: Kent County, Maryland. Jerry M. Hynson. Comprises the 1835 census of Negroes (names, ages, owners), an extract of the 1850 census of Free Blacks, and those who served in the U.S. Colored Troop (Civil War) from Kent County, as revealed in the Bounty Records of Kent County. 1998, 5x8, paper, index, 87 pp 9781585494705 101-H0470 - $17.00


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April 2015 Arrivals

Index to Vital Data in Local Newspapers of Sonoma County, California, Volume 3: 1881-1885. Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc.. Newspaper abstracts supplemented with cemetery inscriptions and other data for Sonoma and nearby Marin, Napa, Solano, Lake and Mendocino counties: Contains more than 13,000 entries! (2001), 2015, 8x11, paper, map, 310 pp 9780788419416 101-S1941 - $37.50


School Board Minutes, Enumerations Lists and Account Records, Barbour County, West Virginia: Philippi Independent District, July 1870-December 1899 Philippi District, September 1871November 1899. Sharon Wilmoth Harsh. Contains the names of many of the local citizens and families. 2002, 5x8, paper, 415 pp 9780788421365 101-H2136 - $36.00


Frederick County, Virginia, Deed Book Series, Volume 3, Deed Books 9, 10, 11: 1763-1767. Amelia C. Gilreath. These abstracts contain information from deeds, leases, releases, mortgages and other agreements that reveal family relationships. These abstracts also contain hundreds of names of witnesses and neighbors. (1990, 2001), 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 198 pp 9781585497232 101-G0723 - $29.50


The History of Warren, a Mountain Hamlet Located among the White Hills of New Hampshire. William Little. L ittle traces the history of Warren from the pre-settlement era of the Pemigewassett Indians down to post Civil War times, and includes a wealth of information on the first three generations of local residents. Illustrated. 101-L3774 -


The Seminoles of Florida. Minnie Moore-Willson. A history of the Seminoles who eluded the forced move to Oklahoma by hiding in the Everglades. Several biographical sketches are included, such as Osceola, the Napoleon of the Seminoles, and Stem-o-la-kee, a woman who met with the author. (1928, 2003), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 366 pp 9780788422584 101-M2258 - $31.00


Genealogical Abstracts from The Brunswick Herald, Brunswick, Maryland 6 January 1899 to 26 December 1902. Patricia B. Duncan. Advertisements, legal notices, local general and personal news, obituaries, marriage announcements, national and international news. Columns of local interest from Frederick County and surrounding counties of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Chronological order with a full name index. 2005, 5x8, paper, index, 368 pp 9780788435560 101-D3556 - $37.00


Nicholas County, Kentucky, Property Tax Lists, 1800-1811 with indexes to Deed Books A&B (2), and C. Carrie Eldridge. This valuable research aid covers four tax years (1800, 1801, 1809, and 1811); compares tax records for eleven years; contains an expanded census for 1810; and deed book indices of the period for name comparison. Indexed. Map. 2004, 8x11, paper, 178 pp 9781585499380 101-E0938 - $25.50


Those Roving Rittgers, Volume 1. Joyce Rorabaugh. John A. Rittgers immigrated from Prussia around 1795 to Virginia before moving to central Ohio. This volume covers nine generations. (1998), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 306 pp 9780788409776 101-R0977 - $29.00


Litchfield and Morris [Connecticut] Inscriptions. Charles Thomas Payne. This book presents gravestone inscriptions from each of the twelve cemeteries in this region of Connecticut. Most dates fall between the mid-18th and late-19th centuries. (1905, 1996), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 332 pp 9780788405600 101-P0560 - $23.00


Wright Family Birth, Marriage, Personal Property Tax, And Census Records, Cumberland County, Virginia. Robert N. Grant. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record: Birth Records, 1853 to 1896; Marriage Records, 1748 to 1900; Personal Property Tax Lists, 1782 to 1844; and, Census Records, 1810 through 1900. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 302 pp 9780788456022 101-G5602 - $23.00


Jewish Cemeteries of Five Counties of Connecticut. The Cohen/Goldfarb Collection, Volume 2. Rabbi Edward A. Cohen and Lew Goldfarb. Covers Hartford, Litchfield, Middlesex, Tolland and New London Counties. Information includes cemetery, row, name, maiden name (or other information), date of death, date of birth, parents and spouse. (1998), 2015, 8x11, paper, alphabetical, 216 pp 9780788409974 101-C0997 - $32.00


We are Sinking, Send Help!: The U.S. Navy's Tugs and Salvage Ships in the African, European, and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II. David D. Bruhn. U.S. Navy rescue tugs and salvage ships were in the thick of the action during the invasion of French North Africa, the lengthy, bitter Italian Campaign, and the invasion of France in World War II. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 388 pp 9781888265484 101-B0048 - $33.00


The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States. Henry Gannett. This is an alphabetical compilation of the origins of approximately 10,000 place names that embodies so local and general history. Even if you do not need this book for specific research, however, it is fun for browsing and would make a great gift for trivia buffs. (1910, 1996), 2015, 5x8, paper, alphabetical, 280 pp 9780788405792 101-G0579 - $27.00

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 42, 1888. New England Historic Genealogical Society. Genealogies, biographical sketches, family records, other records, and church records. (1888, 1996), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 438 pp 9780788405839 101-N0583 - $34.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1835-1842 and 1842-1847. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the fourth volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 352 pp 9780788456213 101-D5621 - $31.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1822-1827 and 1827-1835. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the third volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 344 pp 101-D5620 - $31.00


Wooley Twigs and Branches with Related Families. Doris May Durbin Wooley. A massive genealogy of the Wooley/Woolley family. Entries typically contain place of birth for the subject, spouse and children. Entries may also contain date of birth, date and place of death, and/or varying amounts of biographical information. 2014, 5x8, paper, 2 volumes, 9780788455759 101-W5575 - $104.00


History of Curtis Land, 1635-1683: With Excerpt on Francis Land. Betty J. Carson. This genealogy of Curtis Land (born 1635 in Devon Co., England; married Mary Hodges 1662; and died 1683 in Charles City, Va.) includes an account of Francis Land (16041657) of Lower Norfolk Co., Va. Contains photos, transcripts and facsimile reprints. 2014, 8x11, paper, 304 pp 9780788455803 101-C5580 - $36.00


Wright Family Census, Deed, Land Tax, Death and Probate Records, Essex County, Virginia. Robert N. Grant. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record: Census Records, 1810 to 1900; Deed Records, 1660 to 1900; Land Tax Lists, 1782 to 1850; Death Records, 1856 to 1916; and, Probate Records, 1657 to 1900. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 454 pp 9780788456091 101-G5609 - $45.50


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March 2015 Arrivals

Surname Guide to Massachusetts Town Histories. Pauline J. Oesterlin and Phyllis O. Longver. A master guide to the surnames to be found in 128 volumes of Massachusetts town histories. Nearly 56,000 citations to over 14,000 surnames. (1993), 2015, 5x8, paper, alphabetical, 438 pp 9781556138546 101-O0854 - $36.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1806-1817 and 1817-1822. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the second volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 356 pp 9780788456190 101-D5619 - $31.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments: 1786-1794 and 1794-1806. Patricia B. Duncan. This is the first volume of a four-volume set, which contains abstracts of the Loudoun County, Virginia Office Judgments Books for 17861847. During this period, Virginia court clerks were required to keep judgment dockets a rich source of genealogical data. 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 262 pp 9780788456183 101-D5618 - $26.00


Second to No Man but the Commander in Chief, Hugh Mercer: American Patriot. Michael Cecere. Chronicles Hugh Mercers life (17261777), his twenty-year relationship with George Washington, and his distinguished military service during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Mercer was one of Washingtons best generals and played a critical role in the battles of Trenton and Princeton. 2015. 5x8, paper, index, 200 pp 9780788456220 101-C5622 - $20.00


The Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Hackensack, Dutchess County, New York. Maria Bockee Carpenter Tower. Verbatim transcript of the register of the Reformed Church at New Hackensack, 17571906. The baptismal and marriage registers for the Reformed Dutch Church are reprinted in their entirety. (1932, 2000), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 350 pp 9780788414442 101-T1444 - $31.00


Caroline County, Maryland, Marriages, Births and Deaths, 1850-1880. F. Edward Wright. The information preserved in this volume was gleaned from public records and newspapers. A full-name index adds to the value of this work. (1981, 2002), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 114 pp 9781585497737 101-W0773 - $18.00


A Reversal of Fortune: Germantown, Tennessee, during the Civil War Era. George C. Browder. This is the story of Germantown, Tennessee, of the communitys people and their perseverance. It paints a picture of the town that was mostly lost and the life of its citizens before, during and after the Civil War. Includes illustrations, maps and photos. 2014, 5x8, paper, index, 512 pp 9780788455975 101-B5597 - $39.50


Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown, Mass., 1607-1909. John Barber White. Primarily a male-line genealogy covering ten generations. Descendants lived throughout the Northeast and Midwest. (1909, 1992), 2015, 5x8, paper, index, 672 pp 9781556136702 101-B0670 - $53.00


Patterson Family History. Betty J. Carson. This book provides a wealth of genealogical data gleaned from census records, birth records, cemetery records, death records and other original documents; along with local histories and a discussion of slavery. Photos and facsimile reprints augment the text. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 162 pp 9780788456008 101-C5600 - $25.00


Patrick County, Virginia Birth Records, 1853-1869, Volume I. Barbara C. Baughan and Betty A. Pilson . Listings from Patrick County, which provide name, date of birth, race, sex, and parents names. 1999, 5x8, paper, alphabetical, 276 pp 9781888265682 101-B0680 - $23.00


Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond, Vol. 8. Sherida Eddlemon. The following counties are covered: Andrew, Boone, Caldwell, Callaway, Carroll, Cass, Chariton, Christian, Cole, Daviess, Greene, Hickory, Iron, Montgomery, Newton, Nodaway, Ozark, Perry, Pettis, Platte, Putnam, Francois, Stone and Taney. 2003, 5x8, paper, index, 242 pp 9780788424595 101-E2459 - $22.50


Shenandoah County, Virginia, Deed Book Series, Volume 1, Deed Books A, B, C, D 1772-1784. Amelia C. Gilreath. Minute book abstracts contain happenings in the court for time period given. Abstracts from the deed books, containing deeds, leases, releases, mortgages, sale of other property, and other agreements. Sometimes giving family relationships. (1987, 2002), 2014, 8x11, paper, index, 214 pp 9781585497553 101-G0755 - $32.00


Wright Family Deed, Land Tax, Death and Probate Records, Cumberland County, Virginia. Robert N. Grant. These appendices present source records for persons named Wright by county and by type of record: Deed Records, 1748 to 1900; Land Tax Lists, 1782 to 1850; Death Records, 1853 to 1896; and, Probate Records, 1748 to 1900. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 314 pp 9780788456039 101-G5603 - $35.50


Early Marriages in Bath County, Kentucky: Bonds 1811-1850 and Returns 1811-1852. Paul McClure. This volume brings together, for the first time, the two types of records which exist for early marriages in Bath County, Kentucky: marriage bonds from 1811 to 1850, and marriage returns from 1811 to 1852. The material in this new work is alphabetically arranged; an index to buried names and an appendix of Bath County marriages performed by Rev. J. P. Howe from 1795 to 1826, will help readers in their research. 1994, 8x11, paper, index, 210 pp 9781556139529 101-M0952 - $31.00


1890 Special Census of the Civil War Veterans of the State of Maryland: Volume IV, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Annes, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester. L. Tilden Moore. (2002), 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 190 pp 9781585497942 101-M0794 - $28.00


Quakers and Puritans: The Shoemaker, Warren and Allied Families. Ancestors and Descendants of William Toy Shoemaker and Mabel Warren, Who Where Married in Philadelphia in 1895. George J. Hill, M.D., M.A., D. Litt.. This story of an American family, from its origins in Europe to the present time, also tells of eighty allied families. 2015, 8x11, paper, index, 2 vol. set, 646 pp 9780788456114 101-H5611 - $62.00


Black Regulars in the War of 1812. Eric Eugene Johnson. The Black American soldier was a rarity between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. This work identifies 396 Black men who did enlist in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812 and another fifty-two men who may have been Black (based on the physical descriptions in their enlistment papers). 2015, 8x11, paper, alphabetical, 74 pp 9780788456107 101-J5610 - $18.00


Extracts from the Bedford Gazette, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 1832 - Sept. 1836. Caryl A. Mitchell. Data taken from the newspaper & the Pa. State Archives. (1998), 2001, 5x8, paper, index, 156 pp 9781585494743 101-M0474 - $20.00


Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Allen W. Scholl. The direct line of Crawfords as well as related families. (1993), 2012, 5x8, paper, index, 2 vols., 804 pp 9781556137952 101-S3795 - $63.00


Alton, New Hampshire, Vital Records, 1890-1997. Richard P. Roberts. Contains the usual vital records. (1999), 2014, 5x8, paper, 616 pp 9780788411458 101-R1145 - $47.50


Irish Pedigrees; or, The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation. John OHart. Volume I is comprised of the genealogies of the families which branched from that ancient stem; together with the territories possessed by the ancient Irish families in the twelfth century; a Chapter on the 'English Invasion,' and another on the 'Cromwellian Devastation' of Ireland. Volume II is devoted to families in Ireland from the 11th to the end of the 16th century with their counties of residence; Anglo-Irish and other genealogies; and sections on the Huguenots, the Palatines, and the Ulster Plantation. (1892) reprint, 4 vols., append., original surname and subject indices, paper, 1,844 pp 9780788419539 101-O1953 - $132.00


John Vert and His Descendants from Scotland and Canada to Michigan. Celina Sweet-Vert-Salvador. Researched by Christabel Vert-Mattson, Shirly Vert-Jergler and Celina Sweet-Vert. John Vert made his ocean crossing from Scotland between 1820-1821, traveling with John and William Grieve. Records are grouped by family name, including: Campbell (3 gen.), Edmunds, Henson, Jergler, Lund (2 gen.), MacDougald (6 gen.), McCormick, McPherson (3 gen.), Moore, Stephen, Stonehouse, Sturdy (2 gen.), and Vert (8 gen.). Records provide information for both male and female descendants. 2000, 5x8, paper, index, biblio., 106 pp 9780788416866 101-S1686 - $17.00



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