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July 2014 Arrivals


Marriages, Deaths, Accidents, Duels and Runaways, Etc., Compiled from The Weekly Georgia Telegraph, Macon, Georgia, 1858-1860. R. Newton Wilcox. This volume includes abstracts of articles gleaned from issues of The Weekly Georgia Telegraph from Jan. 5, 1858 to Dec. 11, 1860. (2003), 2011, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 360 pp  9780788423697 101-W2369 - $33.00


The Vestry Book of Kingston Parish, Mathews County, Virginia, 1679-1796. C. G. Chamberlayne. This volume contains the earliest records of Kingston Parish, Mathews County, Virginia, known to be in existence. Mr. Chamberlayne transcribed, annotated and indexed the original manuscript housed at the Library of the Theological Seminary of Virginia, in Alexandria. This exact reproduction of the original has left any errors or omissions unaltered. Brief lists of ministers (1680-1796), Clerks of the Vestry (1679-1796), physicians (1742-1776), and subscribers are also included.  (1929, 1999), 2011, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 188 pp  9780788413230 101-C1323 - $21.50


Digest Of Claims And The Action Thereon By The Legislature And The Canal Board, Together With The Awards Made By The Board Of Canal Appraisers; Also A Supplement Showing The Claims Presented, Determined And Pending Before The Canal Board And The Canal Appraisers, From 1866 To 1870, Inclusive. Hiram Calkins. What first appears to be a rather boring title is in actuality quite an interesting collection of genealogical material regarding claims made for damages caused by the canals in the New York state canal system. The second half of the book, the "supplement," is actually two alphabetical lists of claimants and claims. A surprising source of information.  (1870, 1999), 2012, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 240 pp  9780788412356 101-C1235 - $26.50


Escape from the “Maple Leaf”, Including a roster of Confederate Officers on the “Maple Leaf” and a discussion of the System of Exchanges and Paroles. Jerry V. Witt. The Confederate officers involved in the Maple Leaf escape thought they were on their way to City Point, Virginia, to be exchanged for Union prisoners. Soon after their arrival at Fort Norfolk, however, the prisoners were told exchanges and paroles had been suspended, and that they would be transported to Fort Delaware. Once at sea, they began plotting their escape. Off the coast of Virginia, they were able to overwhelm their captors, and went ashore in North Carolina a few miles south of Cape Henry. Country folk risked their lives assisting the escapees as they fled across the Great Dismal Swamp with the Yankees close behind. (1993), 2012, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 150 pp 9781556138461 101-W0846 - $19.50


Fauquier County [Virginia] Tombstone Inscriptions, Volumes 1 and 2. Nancy Baird, Carol Jordan and Joseph Scherer. These two volumes cover over 400 cemeteries. Inscriptions are just as they appear on the tombstone. Directions to each cemetery are given, including distinctive features to aid in locating it. A special list has been included in Volume 2 of known Civil War soldiers buried in Fauquier County cemeteries. (2000, 2004), 2014, 8˝x11, paper, index, 2 vols., 540 pp 9780788416262 101-B1626 - $60.00

New Hampshire Militia Officers, 1820-1850: Division, Brigade, and Regimental Field and Staff Officers. Scott Lanzendorf. Include the name, rank, dates of commission and discharge (when given), and the unit of each officer. Many also include the place of residence of the officer.  (1995), 2011, 5˝x8˝, paper, alphabetical,  232 pp  9780788402999 101-L0299 - $24.50

A. B. Amis' "The Amis, Brewer, Pettey, Landford and Wilson Families of Newton County, Mississippi". Lucius F. Wright, M.D.. Dr. Wright has greatly expanded the scope of A. B. Amis’ original genealogical work, while retaining the original information and spirit. He also made minor grammatical corrections and presented the data in Register format. 2014, 5˝x8˝, paper. index, 518 pp 9780788455667 101-W5566 - $40.00


Loudoun County, Virginia Marriages After 1850: Volume II, 1881-1900. Patricia B. Duncan and Elizabeth R. Frain. This volume contains transcribed data for marriages reported between 1881 and 1900, with a wealth of additional information added to the transcription by the authors. An index to brides’ names completes this work. 2014, 6x9, paper, alphabetical, index, 300 pp 9780788455629 101-D5561 - $28.00


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June 2014 Arrivals

Historic Genealogy of the Lowells of America from 1639 to 1899. Delmar R. Lowell. Descendants of Percival Lowell (Lowle), who came with his family to Newbury, Mass., from Bristol, England, in 1639.  (1899), 2011, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 1006 pp  9780788415678 101-L1567 - $78.00


Butterfield Overland Mail Route: History of Early Settlers Along Boonville Rd in Northern Greene County. Helen Murray White. This book is a search for the origins of the Boonville Road and to learn why the name changed to Bolivar Road. It traces the Butterfield Overland Mail Route as it traveled through northern Greene County, Missouri. 2014, 6x9, paper, index, 148 pp 9780788455612 101-W5561 - $20.00


The Ancestry of Mayor Harold Washington (1922-1987). Curtis G. Brasfield. Chicago’s first African-American mayor. Also serves as a guide to others interested in researching Black family history; the second half is devoted to an explanation of the author’s research and methodology. (1993), 2014, 8˝x11, paper, index, 124 pp 9781556137501 101-B0750 - $22.00


CD: Fairfax County, Virginia Minute/Order Books, 1749-1808. Patricia Duncan.  2013, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 2190 pp 978078845500 101-CD5500 - $29.95




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May 2014 Arrivals

East Hartford: Its History and Traditions. Joseph O. Goodwin. A wealth of information for anyone interested in Colonial history and lifestyles. It describes local Indian tribes, early settlers, voting, the care of the poor, the pest house and inoculation, public houses and sale of liquors, burying grounds, church history, industries, schools, forts, whipping posts, roads, bridges and ferries, military affairs, old houses, and customs and laws.  (1879), 2005, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 250 pp  9780788433207 101-G3320 - $27.00


The Forgotten Revolution: When History Forgets: Revisiting Critical Places of the American Revolution That Have Been Neglected by History. Robert A. Mayers. Revives forsaken locations with fresh research from original military records and onsite visits; places that are unmarked, shrouded in mystery, distorted by mythology and unknown even to local people. 2014, 6x9, paper, index, 298 pp 9780788455599 101-M5559 - $33.00


Forgotten Black Soldiers Who Served in White Regiments During The Civil War: Volume II. Juanita Patience Moss. The author’s research began after being told that black soldiers only served with segregated units; however, they served in white regiments, too. This volume includes contributions of several Black soldiers and directions to discover more. 2014, 5˝x8˝, paper, 94 pp 9780788455407 101-M5540 - $21.50


A Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre in Boston, Perpetrated in the Evening of the Fifth Day of March, 1770, by Soldiers of the 29th Regiment, which with the 14th Regiment were then Quartered there, with some Observations on the State of Things Prior to that Catastrophe. John Doggett.  (1770, 1849), 2008, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 128 pp  9780788431050 101-D3105 - $18.00


History of the Town of Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Solomon Lincoln, Jr. Includes the town's physical features, its businesses and many lists of the people who lived there. There are census figures, an ecclesiastical history, court cases, civil affairs and descriptions of societies, militia, libraries, schools, town expenses and biographical sketches. (1827, 1996), 2014, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 184 pp  9780788404344 101-L0434 - $22.00


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