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October 2016 Arrivals

The Pilgrim Fathers of New England: A History. W. Carlos Martyn. The book depicts features of European life during the early to mid-1600s (mostly in Holland), and the forces that pushed these Pilgrim fathers to the New World. It sails with them on the "Mayflower" over a stormy sea, recites incidents that accompanied their settlement at Plymouth and other colonies throughout New England. Facts about the emigration, which had as its purpose to "win the wilderness of God" are discussed. Various friendly encounters with Indians Massasoit, Samoset, and Squanto are also described. The First Thanksgiving is celebrated while a look is taken of the hardships of pilgrim life. (1867, 1992), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 442 pp 9781556136733 101-M0673 - $28.00


Memorialized Records of Lexington District, South Carolina, 1814-1825. Brent H. Holcomb. These lists of probates and deeds, known as memorialized records, cover the years 1814 to 1825, but the lists of deeds contain many instruments executed much earlier, some prior to the Revolutionary War. Lists are as close to verbatim as possible. (1978), 2016, 6x9, paper, index, 170 pp 9780788457388 101-H5738 - $25.00


The Welborn Families of the Old Granville Region of North Carolina: A Study of the Multiple Welborns living in the Northern North Carolina Counties before 1850. Paul Rowland Julian. This work distinguishes the multiple Welborns arriving in the Old Granville District of North Carolina before 1800 and assigns the Christian-named descendants to their proper families. 2016, 6x9, paper, index, 228 pp 9780788457159 101-J5715 - $24.00


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September 2016 Arrivals

100 Years Ago In Burrillville (Rhode Island): Selected Stories from the Local Newspapers. Patricia A. Mehrtens. An entertaining collection of stories from the Burrillville News-Gazette and the Pascoag Herald, published in Rhode Island (18801917). Articles alternate between genealogical data, factual reporting, and pieces of local interest. (1992), 2016, 5x8, paper, 240 pp 9781556137167 101-M0716 - $24.00


Timeless Stories of the West: Mountaineers, Miners, and Indians. Rex Jackson. Nineteenth century America, to the drumbeat of Manifest Destiny, experienced robust westward expansion. Westering mountain men brought word of riches, and the avarice race and decimation of the indigenous inhabitants was on. 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 176 pp 9780788451704 101-J5710 - $21.00


Navy Daze: Coming of Age in the 1960s Aboard a Navy Destroyer. Michael R. Halldorson. This is the first-hand account of a young man from a small California town, who enlists in the Naval Reserve only to find himself on a tin can in the South China Sea in wartime. His desire to enjoy the hospitality of foreign ports gets him into trouble more than once. 2016, 6x9, paper, 164 pp 9780788457357 101-H5735 - $20.50


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August 2016 Arrivals

Greenup County, Kentucky Will Abstracts, 1822-1860. Patricia Porter Phillips. Abstracts include: the number of the will book in which the document was found, the date it was filed, the name of the executor or administrator of the estate, and in some instances the inventory of personal belongings. As for slaves, when possible the author has included their ages or their appraised value. Some marriages have also been included. (1998), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 320 pp 9780788410710 101-P1071 - $29.00


Churchyard Literature: A Choice Collection of American Epitaphs, with Remarks on Monumental Inscriptions and the Obsequies of Various Nations. John R. Kippax. Following an introductory essay on burial and monument practices from ancient to modern times, this volume presents hundreds of interesting epitaphs (1876, 1994), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 216 pp 9781556139512 101-K0951 - $19.50


Deaths Reported by the Long Islander 1878-1890. David Roberts. Entries are listed in alphabetical order by full name. In most cases, the age of the person at death is included, as well as the date, cause of death, place of death, and surviving family members. Also included in many of the entries is the date the information appeared in the paper. (1998), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 332 pp 9780788409509 101-R0950 - $29.00


Where Liberty Dwells, There Is My Country: American Civil War Letters, Photographs and News Reports. Suzanne Meredith. The American Civil War developed from a conflagration of ideologies, state rights, secession and slavery. These echoes from the past are vibrant with life, hardship and death; on farms desperate for workers, and villages struggling to meet draft quotas. 2016, 5x8, paper, 298 pp 9780788457289 101-M5728 - $28.00


The Chronicles of Milwaukee (Wisconsin): being a narrative history of the town from its earliest period to the present. A. C. Wheeler. It describes the initial settlement by whites, the slow growth of the community, altercations between whites and Indians, murders, establishment of a newspaper and a harbor, the hard times of 1837, road and bridge building, etc. (1861, 1990), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 310 pp 9781556133732 101-W0373 - $29.00


History of Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Janet Carnochan. The research for this book began years before the writing of it commenced. The history of Niagara had always been a subject of interest to Miss Carnochan and therefore she made a habit of recording various facts as they became know to her. The decision to write a book on the subject was based upon her desire not to exploit the present but to try to do justice to those who have gone before, to tell of the noble work they accomplished and of the difficulties they surmounted. Therefore, it is the Niagara of the 18th and 19th century which one can learn about from this text. In completing this extensive history, the author used many sources. Amount these are old Niagara newspapers; various original documents, such as the minutes of churches, libraries, schools and town records; and tales told by early inhabitants. (1914), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 402 pp 9780788426148 101-C2614 - $33.50


A Documentary History of Yonkers, New York: The Dutch, the English and an Incorporated American Village, 1609-1860. Joseph P. Madden. This is an indispensable companion to Part One of Volume Two, containing detailed historical background from the earliest Dutch and English settlement to the pre-Civil War years. Also included are transcriptions of the minutes of the Village Board Meetings, 1857-1860, which document the struggles of the board members as they wrestled with issues presented to the growing village, such as street construction, the running loose of cattle and hogs, and the problem of people bathing naked in the Hudson River. These minutes also contain the names of all the board members and many of the village residents. Historians and genealogists alike will find this book both interesting and useful, and will be able to see the growth of Yonkers unfolding before their eyes. (1994), 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 294 pp 9781556139468 101-M3946 - $28.00


Enumeration of Educatable Children in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, 1894. Hazel Boss Neet. Located in northeast Mississippi, Pontotoc County is part of the last territory in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee that was ceded by the Chickasaw Indians in the 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc. Entries: range, township, sex, age, and color. (2001), 2016, 8x11, paper, index, 132 pp 9780788419904 101-N1990 - $23.00


Murder on the Abarenda. Marvin W. Barrash. Murder on the Abarenda. Marvin W. Barrash. 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 174 pp. The initial focus of this volume concerns the heinous murder that took place on board the United States collier Abarenda in 1908. It soon comes to light, however, that the brutal death of the ships second in command was but one of a series of terrible tragedies that befell the Weichert family. 2016, 5x8, paper, index, 174 pp 9780788457296 101-B5729 - $21.00


American Dreams: Ancestors and Descendants of John Zimmermann and Eva Katherine Kellenbenz Who Were Married in Philadelphia in 1885. George J. Hill, M.D., M.A., D.Litt.. This story of John Zimmermann (inventor, businessman, philanthropist, and Mormon bishop) and Eva Katherine Kellenbenz includes the lives and careers of their descendants to the present time. 2016, 8x11, paper, index, 346 pp 9780788457364 101-H5736 - $38.50


Cabell County's Empire for Freedom. Carrie Eldridge. Readers and historians will appreciate this well researched perspective of life on Sanders unique plantation, as well as the history of its slaves from 1780 to the present. Numerous illustrations, appendices, a bibliography and indices to people and places enhance the text. (1999, 2004), 2016, 8x11, paper, index, 184 pp 9781585498840 101-E0884 - $30.00


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