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CD: New Jersey, Volume 2
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Code: 101-CD1932
Price: $37.50
CD: New Jersey, Volume 2 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains the following 7 volumes on New Jersey history and genealogy. ***Annals of the Classis of Bergen, of the Reformed Dutch Church, and of the Churches Under its Care: Including the Civil History of the Ancient Township of Bergen, in New Jersey – Benjamin C. Taylor, D.D. (1857). This book begins with 30 pages on the Classis of Hackensack and Bergen, followed by 64 pages on the town and township of Bergen, followed by 61 pages on the churches of Bergen. The bulk of the book consists of 21 chapters each dealing with a nearby church and ending with a chapter of concluding remarks. There are engravings of churches and people and a full name and subject index. ***Bergen County, New Jersey, Deed Records, 1689-1801 – John David Davis (1995). The author has written informative and comprehensive abstracts from the information contained in the Bergen County, New Jersey, Deed Books A-N, comprising records from 1689 to 1801. The original deed books have suffered extensive damage and the index of names has been lost thereby increasing the genealogical value of this particular work. Each entry contains, in order, the date of the transaction, the name of the grantor(s), the place of residence of the grantor(s), the name of the grantee(s), the place of residence of the grantee(s), price, the area of land involved, the location of the land, neighbors, chain of deed, other landmarks, signature of the grantor(s), signatures of the witnesses, and the signatures of others. The author has also included a full name index for the ease of researching names. ***Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey – Cornelius Burnham Harvey (1900). An overview of the first settlers and their origin is followed by a roster of “the earliest and most prominent” landowners and settlers. The articles generally contain the following information: name of the subject; birth/marriage/death dates; name of spouse; names of children; the subject’s education and occupation; and the subject’s siblings and parents. The volume includes illustrations of homes, town scenes, and the men in the sketches. Several maps show the place names and geographical features of the two counties. A new surname index has been included to help locate the hundreds of people mentioned in the text. ***Old Bergen [NJ]: History and Reminiscences – Daniel Van Winkle (1902). The village of Bergen, established in 1660, was the first permanent settlement in New Jersey, located just across the Hudson River from New York. Mr. Van Winkle used sources such as colonial and revolutionary documents, old newspaper articles and individual’s reminiscences to compile this pleasant and enjoyable history. Chapter subjects include discovery of the region, early settlements, native inhabitants, dissatisfaction with Gov. Kieft, English and Dutch rivalry, Revolutionary times, transportation, churches, War of 1812, Civil War, customs and habits, and old homes. There are over 25 maps and pictures, and a full name index has been added. ***The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen [Jersey City], New Jersey, 1666-1788 – The Holland Society of New York (1915). These records were originally published in 3 separate yearbooks. Heritage Books, Inc. offers them here in a single collection. The first section consists of an historical sketch of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church and the complete baptism records from 1666-1788. The second section consists of the complete marriage records as well as an account of the founding and early history of Bergen. The third section contains the church burial records, membership rolls and minutes of the consistory. This section also contains brief biographical sketches of Bergen’s first settlers. There are illustrations, supplementary information in footnotes, and each of the three sections has a full name index. ***History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey, Volumes 1& 2 – William H. Shaw (1884). The author of these two volumes provides a comprehensive history of the discovery and occupation of New Netherlands leading to the establishment of the state of New Jersey, the city of Newark, and the counties of Essex and Hudson. In volume 1 the chapters provide information on geography, climate, taxes, Essex County involvement in the Revolutionary War and The War of 1861-65, roads and bridges, educational issues, the law, medicine and agriculture, and the history of the city of Newark. Volume 2 provides information about the townships and cities of Essex County and the historical background, townships and cities of Hudson County. Both volumes include illustrations of prominent citizens and maps of the area. A full name and subject index is included to provide easy reference for research. This GRAPHIC IMAGE CD-ROM uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 2001, CD, 2-cd set, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 3513 pp.
ISBN: 0788419323

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